So Much To Eat

(and it’s so fantastic)

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Hijinks Collective is made up of Leah Gold and April Aliermo. Inspired by their love of food, memory, culture and tradition, they conceived of So Much To Eat.

April interviewed a small cross section of Brentwood Library’s community. Library patrons, library employees and local restaurant owners were asked about things like: their favourite childhood snacks; how they learned to cook; and what food-related chores they had to do growing up. Sitting in a library foyer in Toronto means you will inevitably come across a plethora of cultural experiences!

Based on these stories, Leah created prints, cut-outs and portraits that she put together to form the pages of an art book. She taught art workshops at the library, and library patrons of all ages made their own contributions to each page. Some are in the form of prints and others are cut-outs.

Interviews conducted and edited by: April Aliermo
Interludes composed by: April Aliermo
Artwork created and composed by: Leah Gold, with contributions from library patrons

Mixing and mastering of recordings by: Daniel Lee
Website designed and developed by: Mohammad Rezaei

Additional contributions by: Jeff C., Jonathan P., Scottie A., Michaud G., Andrew L., Bianca, Sophia, Con, Douglas, Emily.

This project was generously funded by The Toronto Arts Council.