So Much To Eat

(and it’s so fantastic)

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Childhood Chore

Interviewee: Helena (Library Patron)

Artwork contributions: Toby, Doris

Paella Caché

So Much To Eat

Breakfast King Breakfast King Kantarelli Kantarelli Violet Road Violet Road Mom's Honey Donuts Mom's Honey Donuts Massa Sovada Dolls Massa Sovada Dolls Jamaican Pudding Jamaican Pudding Kitchen Gazing Kitchen Gazing Gone Fishin' Gone Fishin' Jig's Dinner Jig's Dinner Model Snack Model Snack Very Good Friday Very Good Friday Paella Caché Paella Caché Childhood Chore Childhood Chore So Much To Eat So Much To Eat Midwest Slaughterhouse Midwest Slaughterhouse Czarnuszka Czarnuszka Porridge Dread Porridge Dread Trees in Trinidad Trees in Trinidad We Had A Garden We Had A Garden Ice Cream Spin Ice Cream Spin Onigiri + Carne Com Batatas Onigiri + Carne Com Batatas Feuilles De Vigne Feuilles De Vigne Rice in my Heart Rice in my Heart Tiang Bellas Kare Kare Tiang Bellas Kare Kare Can Can Can Can One Million Pizzas One Million Pizzas Food Fight Food Fight Cucina Italiana Cucina Italiana Nanna's Meatballs Nanna's Meatballs Childhood Kitchen Aromas Childhood Kitchen Aromas